5 Ways to Get Rid of Little Black Ants (Sugar Ants)

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Do you often see little black ants crawling all over your kitchen counter or wherever you’ve left something sugary and sweet? Well, these little black ants are most likely sugar ants or odorous house ants and I’m thinking you’re reading this blog post because you’ve tried eradicating them so many times in the past but to no avail.

Here’s a bit of good news, though – these little black ants are not destructive like other ants you may find in your home. They’re more of a nuisance and do an excellent job at driving you nuts whenever they put up a show. They swarm your counters or overrun your pantry and no matter what you use to eliminate them, the irony is that there seems to be more and more of them coming in!

Even the best and experienced organic ant exterminator swears it can be quite a challenge dealing with these little black ants. If you want to give it a try though, here are some tips that can get a sugar ant infestation under control.

Best Home Remedies for Little Black Ants

1. Keep your kitchen clean.
Whether you have an ant problem or not, cleanliness in your kitchen is plainly a simple and basic rule. I’m sure you’re wiping off your kitchen counter and breakfast nook on a daily basis, but you could be missing out on other ant food sources that are hidden from plain sight. Check out your oven and toaster for crumbs and food remnants. Grease splatters on your stovetop can also attract these little black ants. Trash cans are among their favorite spots as well, so make sure you perform regular deep cleaning or else you’ll have to live with little black ants for a very long time.

2. Keep those little black ants thirsty.

Ants invade your home because they are looking for two things – food and water. This explains why the most likely places you’ll find little black ants apart from your kitchen are in the bathroom and your laundry area. Why? Because there’s water. Ants need food and water to survive and when they can’t find any, the entire ant colony will simply transfer to another location where they have access to better food and water sources. So simple practices like wiping  the area around your sink after use and mopping off wet areas of your bathroom and laundry room will get those little black ants taking a one-way trip out of your home.

3. Refrain from using repellent sprays.

Most, if not all of the homes I have treated for ant problems share one thing in common. Prior to engaging our organic ant pest control services, they had attempted to get rid of little black ants using commercial insect repellent sprays they buy off the supermarket shelves. What they didn’t know was that these products actually make an ant problem worse. Just because you see dead  little black ants after spraying doesn’t mean that’s the end to your problem. In fact, when worker ants die, repellent sprays send a warning to the queen ant who then sets off on a process called “budding”. She moves the nest to a safer place and begins to reproduce at a faster rate.

3. Refrain from using repellent sprays.

4. Try Windex® or any ammonia-based household cleaner.

Ammonia possesses properties that can kill little black ants quickly and even erase the pheromone trails they leave behind. These trails consist of organic compounds used by ants to communicate chemical messages that can affect their behavior or physiology. This explains why little black ants often travel along one and the same path, looking like an army marching off to a war zone. When the trail is disrupted and erased, ants by instinct will divert to a safer and less repulsive route.

5. Give ants a sweet treat.

5. Give little black ants a sweet treat.

Sounds ironic but this is an effective way to kill these little black ants slowly but surely. Syrup, jam or anything sweet placed in a small lid or plate will do the trick. Set this in a spot where you want the ants to converge and they’ll be swarming over this in no time. The main purpose of this is to gather the ants in one area if they’re spread across different locations in your home. Then you can replace the sweet stuff with ant bait.

Get Professional Help for Little Black Ants

Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control in Beaverton specializes in sugar ant organic pest control in the Oregon area. Our proprietary ant bait stations work better than any other commercial product available so give us a call today and we guarantee to permanently put an end to those little black ants infesting your home!

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