D.I.Y. Cannabis Biopesticides for Organic Pest Control

D.I.Y. Cannabis Biopesticides for Organic Pest Control
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Cannabis biopesticides have definitely stolen the limelight since the increase in public awareness of environmental degradation. With more US states legalizing the cultivation of cannabis, more and more people are building their own organic cannabis grow operations. A few might be looking at cannabis culture as a potential start-up business, while others are keeping their own grow rooms as a hobby or for raising cannabis for their personal use.

For many growers and hobbyists, planting cannabis can ease up stress and help them relax, unwind, and have fun. It’s nice to see your beloved cannabis babies grow beautifully, all healthy and aesthetically appealing. But planting isn’t just always about stress relief and all; it’s also about keeping an eye on your cannabis plants and making sure they don’t get attacked by the real enemy – common cannabis pests like spider mites, aphids, fungus gnats and many more.

Biopesticides May Be The Answer!

Since biopesticides have an element of pesticidal properties that come from organic and natural resources, not only are they quite effective in eliminating and controlling marijuana bugs on plants; they also help your plants grow well and stay healthy. With biopesticides, you get rid of unwanted guests in your garden, saving you a lot of expenses by preventing future pest infestations that could cost you an arm and a leg.

Biopesticides can be useful in many ways – not just in getting rid of harmful insects, bugs and common cannabis pests. Biopesticides are biodegradable and renewable since they can be recycled. Moreover, they have more permanent results, won’t cause harm to the environment and can be used for the long term.

Biopesticides May Be The Answer!

Types of Biopesticides

There are different types of biopesticides you can choose from. These include:

Microbial Biopesticides

These are fungi and bacteria. They are organic and are sourced from the environment. They are also an effective eliminator of pests and bugs on marijuana plants. PFR-97, Met52, and Grandevo are just a few examples of microbial biopesticides.

Herbal Biopesticides

Neem oil easily steals the limelight as the most popular herbal biopesticide for bugs on marijuana plants. Neem oil is a liquid extracted from the neem tree that can do a lot of help in getting rid of pests and bugs. Herbs that grow naturally can also be effective ingredients in producing herbal biopesticides. Rosemary oil, thyme oil, mint oil and a lot more are great for safe and organic pest control.

How to Make Your Own Biopesticides

Biopesticides may sound confusing and intimidating, but they’re quite simple and easy to make. Of course, you can easily purchase biopesticides online or in stores. But you can also make them at home and it can come as a surprise that everything you’ll need can be found right in your kitchen!

Here are some effective, efficient, and easy-to-make biopesticides, along with the directions on how to make them in the comfort of your home:

1. Garlic spray – this is a form of herbal biopesticide since garlic grows naturally in the environment. Some people grate and extract the juice from the garlic, add liquid soap or water, and spray it directly on the plant.

2. Onion spray – this is another form of herbal biopesticide that you can make in your kitchen.  Some people get its extract, while others soak the onion in water and use its juice to make an effective spray.

3. Neem oil spray – Azadirachtin is an active ingredient extracted from the neem tree and used to kill and eradicate cannabis pests and insects that have invaded your grow space.

4. Canola oil spray – same as neem oil spray, canola oil can be used to kill marijuana pests and keep them away. It also gives plants good and shiny leaves and can help with the growth of the plant.

5. Baking soda – Straight from your pantry, baking soda can be used in cooking, cleaning, and now – as a pesticide! Just mix baking soda with a good amount of water (some people prefer apple cider vinegar) and shake or mix it well. Spray mixture on the leaves of your cannabis plants and voila! You can now get rid of those naughty visitors destroying your crop.

6. Boric acid spray – Boric acid has strong and powerful pest-fighting properties so it can sure help you fight all the stress caused by pests, insects, and bugs on your marijuana plants. You can put it directly or you can also mix it with water to the solute.

There is a good selection of readily available biopesticides you can buy in the market these days. But DIY biopesticides allow you to experiment on ingredients and other stuff you already have sitting around your house. Also, it can be a great learning experience finding out which ones work and or do not work for specific scenarios. You get to save some money as well.

If your pest problems don’t go away with these DIY biopesticide solutions, however, don’t hesitate to call an organic pest control expert like Ryan at Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control in Beaverton Oregon. Save yourself from all pests-related stress and let Ryan do the job for you!

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