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Growing Cannabis Can Be Interesting & Fun!

Welcome to the official cannabis blog of Ant & Garden Pest Control in Beaverton Oregon. Here you can learn more about growing cannabis and how you can turn this into an interesting hobby or even a lucrative business.

Much of what you’ll read here is dedicated to common cannabis pests in Oregon grow facilities as well as organic pest control methods in cannabis cultivation. You will also find valuable information on growing cannabis including environmental factors that are crucial to maintaining a healthy grow space. We also have write-ups on sanitation basics and how to keep your crop in optimum health when growing cannabis.

We also have a wealth of information on common pests and bugs that can harm your cannabis plants and affect your harvest. Likewise, you’ll find great reads on safe and eco-friendly organic cannabis pest control, as well as pest prevention tips and available pest control services.

Growing Cannabis is A Whole Lot Easier!

The legalization of marijuana has made it easier for anyone of legal age to grow cannabis in the comfort of their own homes. While laws, regulations and limitations in growing cannabis can vary across states, almost every state in the US with some form of legalized cannabis allows home cultivation to a certain extent.

It may be surprising to know that while growing cannabis has become legal, most people have not taken advantage of their right to cultivate cannabis at home? Most likely, this is because of the perception most people have that growing cannabis can be difficult, costly and time-consuming. Well, that isn’t entirely true. For starters, did you know that you can grow cannabis almost anywhere in your home? As long as you have access to clean water and fresh air, growing cannabis can be done in your backyard, the garage, a spare room or extra bathroom, and even in a small grow tent or closet!

Growing Cannabis Successfully with Ant & Garden Pest Control

The legalization of growing cannabis has truly spread like wildfire across the US and Canada in recent years. Since Oregon joined with other northwestern states in the legal production and distribution of cannabis for medical and recreational use, Ant & Garden Pest Control has diversified in providing safe, organic, and OLCC approved pest control services to anyone growing cannabis in Oregon and Washington. So whether you’re a newbie or a rising star looking for valuable information in growing cannabis, check out our posts regularly for new tips, discoveries and developments in cannabis cultivation.

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