Everything You Need to Know About Eliminating Carpenter Ants

get rid of carpenter ants

How to eliminate carpenter ants hasn’t really been given the attention it needs. Compared to termites and rodents, carpenter ants cause only minor damage. However, this does not mean that they cannot cause more significant problems later on. For example, when you come in contact with them accidentally, they can bite you. Moreover, they often leave wooden ashes on the floor.

Still, the damage begins when these ants burrow in wooden items such as stumps and desks. So, if you have carpenter ants in your house in Beaverton, Portland, or nearby cities in Oregon, calling organic pest control services can help. You can also use other methods to get rid of carpenter ants from your home.

With that said, continue reading to learn more about carpenter ants and how to get rid of and prevent them from infesting your home.

What Carpenter Ants Look Like

Thousands of species of ants exist in the world. Nevertheless, only a few of them can be found in Beaverton, Portland, and surrounding cities in Oregon. Still, it can be a challenge to determine the kind of ant you currently have. Moreover, organic pest control companies need to identify the ant type when you contact them.

Luckily, carpenter ants are easy to recognize since they are one of the biggest ants. Taking note of how carpenter ants look like will help you differentiate them.  They have a length of 6 to 12 millimeters. In addition, their waists differ from other types of ants. You can see a single node at their waists, while other ants have two nodes. They also have round thoraxes while others have irregularly shaped thoraxes. Furthermore, they can be black or ruddy in most parts or all over their bodies.

Carpenter ants do not usually fly, but you might see one flying now and then. The flying carpenter ants come from matured colonies, and they spread their colonies in Beaverton and other locations.

After mating with a flying female carpenter ant, the male often dies. Then, the female will be the queen. You can still easily differentiate carpenter ants from other pests, even though some have wings. This is because these ants are more prominent than termites. Additionally, the former has yellow wings, and the latter has white wings. Finally, as mentioned, carpenter ants have a distinct waist because it separates their abdomen and thorax.

Why There Are Carpenter Ants and What Significant Damages They Cause

When organic pest control companies check homes and offices, they mainly discover carpenters ants in places with damp and aging wood. Furthermore, they consume sugar and proteins found in homes and offices in Beaverton, Portland, and other cities in Oregon.

Organic pest control experts also say that carpenter ants enjoy jelly, meat, pet food, honey, granulated seeds, and syrup. That is why it is crucial to keep your Beaverton home clean so that carpenter ants will not be attracted to these. After all, they usually build their nests in areas next to the food sources. Therefore, regularly cleaning your house is crucial.

Organic pest control specialists also say that these ants do not consume wood. They are also not as destructive as termites since they just bore holes in furniture to create their nest. The damage they could cause in Beaverton, Portland, and Oregon properties usually depends on how long they stay in a specific area and their colony size.

This is why it is imperative to take action and contact a natural pest control company in Beaverton if you want to resolve it by organic pest control. It would be best if you took immediate action to avoid further expanding their colony. If this happened, you might have a hard time eliminating them.

How to Know if You Need Organic Pest Control Service in Beaverton

You can suspect that you need an organic ant pest control service if you see insects walking in your house. For example, you likely have carpenter ants there. The chances of having carpenter ants are higher in the northern part of the US, which is why they are a common species in Beaverton, Portland, and Oregon cities. Beaverton ant pest control companies such as Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control understand the prevalence of these pests.

When you see wood shavings near your wooden items, this can indicate the presence of carpenter ants. Nevertheless, as stated above, they do not consume wood. Instead, they use this as their nest. For example, suppose you observe ants moving inside and outside your home’s crevices. In that case, this is a definite sign that there are carpenter ants, and you need pest control treatments in Beaverton. You will also notice that the entrance to the crevices is round and smooth inside.

Even though you just saw one carpenter ant, you need to take action by getting an organic pest control service. As mentioned, carpenter ants can expand their colony. You will have a more challenging time controlling it if you don’t do anything as soon as possible. You need to know about these ants because the ones you see are only those that search for food. Once the rest find the food source, they will all move together.

How to Eliminate Carpenter Ants for Good

Organic pest control companies in Beaverton, Portland, and many parts of Oregon have directly and indirectly dealt with ants. Therefore, they understand the most practical and best methods to eliminate carpenter ants. Here are some of the ways they do it.

1. Indoor and Outdoor Baiting

Even though they are all for natural methods, many experts in organic pest control agree that baiting is the ideal way to get rid of carpenter ants. You can do indoor or outdoor baiting, but combining these two methods is believed to be better.

To use baiting, you need to first locate the carpenter ant colony indoors and outdoors. The colony indoor is usually the ancillary site, and the colony outdoors is the primary colony. Carpenter ants generally leave the primary colony to look for food near the ancillary colony. Therefore, there is a trail going from the primary colony to the ancillary colony.

The trail can be used in baiting outdoors to get rid of these two colonies. The active ingredient used to eliminate carpenter ants needs to be placed on the tracks so that ants can come in contact with it when moving.

You can use this substance outside your house, stumps, trees, and other areas where there seems to be a carpenter ant nest.

ant bait traps

On the other hand, baiting indoors is used around crevices in your house, which carpenter ants use as their entrance. This method can help stop an infestation from happening again. If carpenter ants are a recurring problem in Beaverton, Portland, and Oregon cities, ant bait stations can be regularly used.

When using ant baits, it is best to stay away from mild and old ones since they will not be effective in getting rid of carpenter ants. Additionally, it often becomes spoiled a week after using it as treatment, so you have to change them regularly. Also, indoor baiting will be ineffective if you leave bits of food in your house.

You might find it challenging to know where to do baiting at homes in Beaverton, Portland, and neighboring cities in Oregon. Pest control experts advise the use ant baits in as many areas as possible. Apply it in various places where carpenter ants are likely to be found.

2. Sprays

Another option is to use organic sprays to control carpenter ants in Beaverton, Portland, and other Oregon cities. When you use sprays, you will need to find the primary colony where the queen lives. Once you locate it, spray it around the area and on the trail.

However, many people try to use a repellent spray to eliminate carpenter ants in their homes in Beaverton. This is not advised because this kind of spray is not meant to be used inside homes. It can chase the ants away, but there will be no significant effect on the colony. Therefore, you can only eliminate several ants.

Additionally, ants can also detect that they would be attacked if you used a repellent spray. If this happens, the queen will tell the ants to bring the eggs and scatter them to build many ancillary colonies. They aim to stay alive as a group.

The problem can only get worse since the ants will spread to different places. The queen will also try to reproduce ants faster so that the chance of survival increases.

This method is not the most ideal because there are only several ant sprays that are non-repellent. In addition, you will need to check if the spray you are planning to get is meant for indoors or outdoors.

3. Insecticides

Using insecticides is often recommended for killing carpenter ants in Beaverton, Portland, and Oregon cities. However, this is the opposite of utilizing organic pest control methods since chemicals are used.

Although they seem dangerous, some are safe to be used at home. Abamectin, chlorfenapyr, fipronil, and DOT are some of its common ingredients. You have to watch out for fipronil because this is dangerous for humans and animals. Although abamectin can be hazardous, it has a very low concentration in these insecticides. Therefore, it cannot hurt humans or animals.

You can get spray, foam, or mist insecticides. You can use them on the trails or around the nests. The wood can absorb some insecticides, so the ants will not want to come back.

4. Organic Pest Control

Organic pest control or natural methods are excellent alternatives if you are sensitive to chemicals or environmentally conscious. However, you will need to be patient when using organic pest control methods. This is because the process can take longer than usual before you can completely get rid of the ants.

Still, these methods can be effective, primarily when used correctly. For example, using boric acid is the most common organic pest control treatment used. However, you cannot use it alone. You need to combine it with something tasty such as honey or sugar.

Boric acid is lethal to carpenter ants because it causes damage to their digestive and nervous systems. So you have to ensure that the scout ants bring the bait to their colony so that other ants in the nest can be killed.

Organic pest control experts say that it is best to use this kind of bait in various parts of the house to ensure that scout ants can carry them. However, this must be used with extreme caution if there are children or pets in your home.

Another organic pest control option for Beaverton homes is food-grade diatomaceous earth powder. It’s effective for eliminating ants because this organic powder can cause dehydration to carpenter ants, resulting in their deaths. This can be detrimental if sniffed in large amounts by humans or pets. You have to make sure that you use the food-grade type and not the pool-grade kind.

How to Deal with Carpenter Ants Inside Walls and Houses

carpenter ant nest

Inside the Walls

The ideal way to eliminate carpenter ants found inside walls in your home in Beaverton is by using baits. Doing so will kill not only the scout ants but also the entire colony and the queen.

That is because all the ants in the colony will eat the bait picked up by scout ants. For instance, when you use organic pest control methods such as boric acid and sugar, carpenter ants can be attracted because they like the sweet taste.

Inside Your House

A combination of the various methods listed is needed to deal with carpenter ants inside homes. Homes can benefit from baiting indoors and outdoors because the primary colony is outdoors.

When you eliminate the colony indoors, you can use sprays and insecticides to prevent them from coming back. Applying them around your house, crevices, and other openings can help.

How to Ward Off and Prevent Carpenter Ants

It would be best if you were more careful during the summer because you can encounter carpenter ants when the weather is warm. However, there are ways you can prevent them from infesting your home.

With that said, here are some of the things you can do to avoid carpenter ant infestation in Beaverton, Portland, and surrounding cities in Oregon:

Disinfect Your House All the Time

Many Beaverton pest control experts have observed that carpenter ants do not create nests in clean homes. Instead, they usually target areas where they can get food. Therefore, they can find a breeding area if there are pieces of food around your house. Thus, maintaining the cleanliness of your home can help you prevent an infestation in the future.

Fix Moisture Problems

Moist environments are ideal for carpenter ants, so people need to make sure to deal with a leaking roof, plumbing, and other moisture issues. You need to fix it if there’s a leak outside your house because ants will be attracted to this. It is vital to also dispose of any damaged wood right away due to moisturization. Carpenter ants can also build nests on stumps. You can also trim tree branches that come in contact with your house’s exterior.


Finally, you have a better understanding of what carpenter ants are and how to deal with them. Following the tips mentioned above, you likely won’t have a problem with them again.

However, if you need assistance with a carpenter ant problem in Beaverton, Portland, and surrounding cities in Oregon, you can contact Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control. They have the necessary tools and equipment to get rid of your carpenter ant infestation for good.

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