Caterpillars on Cannabis PEST CONTROL

Outdoor cannabis growers often encounter different kinds of caterpillars munching on their cannabis plants. Caterpillars represent the larva stage in the life cycle of over 175,000 moth and butterfly species, with moth larvae more appropriately referred to as ‘cutworms’.

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Organic Pest Control for caterpillars on cannabis

Outdoor cannabis growers often encounter different kinds of caterpillars munching on their cannabis plants. Caterpillars represent the larva stage in the life cycle of over 175,000 moth and butterfly species, with moth larvae more appropriately referred to as ‘cutworms’. Whether caterpillars or cutworms, the majority of these soft-bodied insects are strictly herbivorous, save for a few that exhibit carnivorous and cannibalistic tendencies.

Caterpillars on Cannabis Prevention and Control

Depending on the numbers that have infested your plants, much of caterpillar damage you will see on cannabis are all the same: 

  • large holes on leaves
  • chewed up leaves
  • missing leaves

At the very least, minor caterpillar infestations will leave holes scattered throughout cannabis leaves. That is why it is important to spot them early on, as major infestations can result in irreversible damage that cannot be remedied.

If you find caterpillars have been nibbling on your cannabis leaves, you need to get rid of them quickly. You can shake your cannabis plant a bit to get caterpillars to fall off. There are several low to non-toxic organic pest control options to choose from. Exercise extreme caution, however, if cannabis is affected by caterpillars during the late flowering stage or close to harvest. You must select the safest methods available to guard the health of cannabis end users.

Prevention and Control

Hand-picking is the easiest way to remove and control a caterpillar infestation. Prepare for some night hunting though, as most caterpillar species are nocturnal feeders. Simply pick them off your cannabis plants and dump into a bucket of soapy water. Wear gloves if you despise handling these wormy creatures or have someone else do the job for you.

Organic Pest Control for Caterpillars

Insecticidal soaps and neem oil are among the safest insecticides that can be used to address a caterpillar infestation. Soaps and neem are non-toxic and great to use when you have other cannabis pests and want to remain friendly with nature.

Bacterial insecticides containing Bacillus thuringiensis (BT sprays) are your best bet if you want complete eradication and long-term organic pest control for caterpillars. These selective natural pesticides are safest to use without harming cannabis or posing a risk to people who will smoke them eventually.

Introducing beneficial predators like parasitic wasps and praying mantises also allows you to form your own army against caterpillars while you sit back and relax. Nature engineered these masters of stealth to do a swift and brutal job at reducing caterpillar populations in cannabis grow spaces.

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Organic pest control using a combination of bacterial insecticides and predator bugs is a job best left to the experts. If you want to get rid of caterpillars and other common bugs on marijuana plants for the long term, Ant & Garden Pest Control can help you come up with a comprehensive organic pest control plan for your cannabis grow operation. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an onsite visit and assessment.

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Ant & Garden Pest Control Beaverton is the most trusted and reliable pest control company in Oregon, and for good reason! I care about helping my clients as though they’re members of my own family. Whether you’re in need of urgent treatment for an existing ant pest problem or are looking for the best prevention methods for your home or business, I am committed to bringing you only the best ant and pest control Beaverton for your complete peace of mind.

Emma Baker
Emma BakerGreat company! I was about to kill all my plants and shut down because of frustration with two-spotted spider mites and broad mites. So happy Ryan verified this through a Dino lite microscope at 220 x magnification. Extremely satisfied in his service, my mites died, no eggs spared.
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Paul Evans
Paul EvansAnt & Garden Pest Control deserves 10 stars saved me from bankruptcy. I had root aphids in my indoor garden there’s nobody that knows how to kill them and has posted it on the internet. Ryan has dealt with them before and knew exactly which olcc approved products to buy and how to prevent reinfestation. I just harvested my first pest free crop in years! I am now going with his maintenance sprays 1 time a week Ryan has all the best lab grade equipment and knowledge. Easier to let him focus on my pests my time can be spent growing bumper crops of exceptional quality. This harvest I yielded 50% more than normal and sold everything I grew for 30% more than last time. Not only are my pests gone but Ryan’s service made me money.
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Michael Wright
Michael WrightThe commercial-grade soil baggage compost I used for my plants has root aphids. I had to reach out to Ryan of Ant & Garden Pest Control for assistance. The last three months have been quite pleasing as the destructive aphids were gone. Ryan was reliable, providing a constant level of quality with strong results. You can’t beat the peace of mind he offers. I had my first harvest smoothly with his maintenance spraying. We yielded over 2 grams a watt, nearly double our personal best.
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