Organic IPM: Foliar Sprays for Cannabis Pests

Organic IPM: Foliar Sprays for Cannabis Pests
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Once left to their own reproductive devices, bugs on marijuana plants can very quickly overtake a grow space. Too often are growers left in a compromising position where they’re forced to react to cannabis pest damage, only to find that it’s already too late.

With traditional non-organic IPM methods, synthetic and systemic insecticidal foliar sprays are frequently used to control and eradicate a growing cannabis pest infestation. However, foliar applications are not limited to synthetics and can be designed to only utilize biological resources in order to control and eradicate common cannabis pests.

Organic Foliar Sprays for Long term Cannabis Pest Control & Prevention

There are generally two directions one can take when building an organic IPM foliar spray. The first is to eradicate an existing pest population, and the second is for preventative measures.

For existing pest populations, the idea with a foliar spray is to introduce a biological solution designed to prevent reproduction. Once you have identified the marijuana pest, it’s important to then use a biological control mechanism conducive to eliminating that particular variety. Fungus gnats, for example, are a major pest problem that affects cannabis growers in droves. Possible biological pesticide solutions for fungus gnats include the biological larvicide Bacillus thuringiensis (Bti), often found in ready-made organic foliar sprays. Bti is essentially bacteria that controls larvae populations without causing damage to the plant itself and is the perfect example of a specific biological remedy used to control targeted cannabis pest species. It’s important to research which biological remedy will work for your specific pest problem before moving forward in your grow operation.

For those who want to use foliar sprays proactively in their grow space, organic marijuana pest repellants may be used as well. Highly aromatic essential oils such as cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, or clove oil are all effective in deterring pests from taking an interest in your plant. These oils are generally safe for cannabis and can deter bugs on marijuana plants when used in manageable doses.

Since plants uptake nutrients through their leaves as well as their roots, incorporating IPM solutions into compost teas and other foliar applications is also highly effective. At Ant & Garden Solutions in Beaverton Oregon, you’ll find the best plant health sprays made with our very own active air compost teas( AACT). My proprietary blend of microbial tea is better than anything on the market so you can see the dramatic difference my AACT spray makes on your vegetative plant health!

Being one of Oregon’s leading organic pest control experts, I understand pest biology which is what allowed me to create the only OLCC approved organic pesticide spray. Highly effective, it can kill all stages of insect life, from eggs to adults and everything in between. There’s not even anything close to my proprietary product so give me a call today at Ant & Garden Solutions and let’s talk about organic IPM specifically formulated for cannabis pests! 

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