Organic IPM: Predatory Insects for Controlling Common Cannabis Pests

Organic IPM: Predatory Insects for Controlling Common Cannabis Pests
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When push comes to shove in terms of dealing with common cannabis pests, organic marijuana growers turn to predatory insects straight off. No second thoughts about working with mother nature instead of against her!

If you’ve been cultivating cannabis for some time now –  whether it’s a small grow tent or a larger outdoor patch of land – you very well know that all the bad bugs on weed plants have their natural enemies which we refer to as beneficial or predatory insects. Allowing these beneficial insects to do their job in controlling cannabis pests is one of the best decisions you could ever make because the bad guys never build up any resistance to being eaten! 

While predatory insects are generally not ideal for indoor cannabis growers with very limited space, this method has proven effective at wiping out existing pest populations for both greenhouse and outdoor growers when used correctly.

Predatory Insects Target Specific Pests

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Caution should be exercised, however, when considering the purchase and use of beneficial insects in your cannabis grow space. First, proper selection is crucial as predator bugs are pest-specific. For instance, the Stethorus punctillum beetle species (which looks like a small black ladybug) works wonders in controlling spider mites. In the case of fungus gnats, however, the soil predator Gaeolaelaps is a better choice because they devour both the gnats and other mites as well.

variety of predatory bugs, parasitic wasps

Moreover, there is a wide variety of predatory bugs, parasitic wasps and nematodes available and everything boils down to selecting which type will love to feast on the pests in your cannabis grow space.

In order to be effective, predatory insects should be stored and shipped in optimal conditions. It is crucial that you select a trusted supplier who will deliver your arsenal of beneficial bugs in tip-top shape. Otherwise, you’ll only be throwing away hard-earned cash for a pile of spiritless bugs unable to fend off your cannabis pests. Also, be sure to follow supplier recommendations when applying predatory insects.

Predatory Insects vs. Chemical Insecticides

The need for synthetic insecticides and chemical pest solutions is greatly reduced when introducing beneficial insects as part of your IPM program. Whether you’re trying to prevent the proliferation of common cannabis pests or already confronting a full-blown infestation, keep in mind that organic pest control and management is the best way to go. As responsible organic cannabis growers, it is your role to maintain optimum conditions in your grow area so your cannabis plants are totally safe for human consumption. 

Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control in Beaverton Oregon specializes in organic pest control for common cannabis pests and marijuana bugs. Learn more about incorporating predatory mites into your cannabis IPM program by giving us a call today!

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