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ANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROL makes sure that our pest control Beaverton services are customized to your personal needs. We specialize in complete ant pest control starting at $39/month, but here’s a shortlist of other house pests we can eradicate for you.



House pests like ants, bugs and other insects can become such a nuisance when they start invading your home and garden. When it comes to pest control Beaverton, I want to do something no other company would even consider when delivering the best pest exterminator services to their clients.

It all starts with educating customers about the nature and habits of the more common species of ants, bugs and other common house pests. Did you know that 90% of all bugs are actually beneficial and play a crucial role in maintaining environmental balance? That’s why it’s always worth looking into safe, organic and more cost-efficient pest exterminator products that only target pest bugs and do not harm the beneficial ones. Targeted pest eradication is my area of expertise at ANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROL in Beaverton.

Our Reviews

Ryan Smith of ANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROL in Beaverton is the most trusted and reliable pest control guy in Oregon, and for good reason! I care about helping my clients as though they’re members of my own family. Whether you’re in need of urgent treatment for an existing ant pest problem or are looking for the best prevention methods for your home or business, I am committed to bringing you only the best ant and pest control Beaverton for your complete peace of mind.

Clark Bailey
Clark BaileyANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROL provided a truly professional pest control service. I use to have Edge pest control and No comparison. 5 stars for Ryan 2 stars for edge being generous with the 2 stars.
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Kachlik Evans
Kachlik EvansHe came and took care of our pesky ant problem very fast. We appreciate the service and highly recommend this company.
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Philip Young
Philip YoungThank you Ryan @ ANT & GARDEN ORGANIC PEST CONTROL! My house was swarming with creepy crawlers. I have not seen a bug in days. Professional pest control company.
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Commercial vs. Organic Pest Control

Most commercial pest control products are only sold in bulk and can be quite expensive for the average homeowner. On top of that, they may lose their potency and have relatively shorter shelf life if not stored properly. That’s not to mention the long-lasting negative effects these chemical-based preparations have on the environment.

In my over two decades of tackling all sorts of ants, bugs, and other common house pests, I’ve conducted and participated in various field trials which enabled me to figure out what works best for unique cases of pest infestations. I’ve also spent lots of time researching and testing the most environmentally-friendly solutions and mastered how to properly use them in hundreds of homes all over Beaverton.

When it comes to pest control solutions, the best path to take is organic. My main focus when dealing with pest issues is the use of bio-insecticides that are derived from organic materials such as plants, animals, bacteria, fungi and minerals. Compared to synthetic pesticides, bio-insecticides are highly specific for certain pests and possess beneficial properties such as insect growth regulators, feeding deterrence, and reproduction inhibition. Other than not harming the environment or beneficial insects like honey bees which other companies are happy to exterminate using non-selective insecticides, The Organic Ant Exterminator in Beaverton, Oregon uses selective organic treatments that target only the pests and preserve beneficial organisms and the environment!

organic pest control Beaverton

I’ll let you into my trade secret – At ANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROLBeaverton, I treat your home as if it’s my own. Traditional pest control companies carelessly spray large amounts of toxic insecticides throughout living environments, all of which are potentially harmful to adults, children and pets. Worse, they also eliminate ALL beneficial insects and other organisms that are actually helping control pest populations in your home. And while those industrial-strength chemicals might temporarily keep pests at bay, they pose a serious health risk to your family. I employ a proven and environmentally-friendly system to ensure your home remains free from all forms of pests the safest way.

Whether you’re trying to rid your home of existing pests or looking for a safe alternative to preventing them, my organic pest control program has you covered! My dedication to providing the safest, most natural, and effective pest control through prevention is why I am a cut above the competition.

Taking action today to protect your home against ants, bugs, rodents and other common house pests can save you long hours of frustration and thousands of dollars down the road. The ANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROLBeaverton program is your smarter and safer alternative to traditional pest control. Give us a call today and put an end to your house pest problems for good!


ANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROL is a local pest solutions company in Beaverton, OR. Fully-bonded and insured, eco-friendly, safe, services customized to your home and garden pest control needs.

Our fully licensed master technician will ensure your home is completely free from ants and other pests – all year round.

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