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Acrobat Ants

Acrobat ants are known as such because of their habit of raising the abdomen over their head when disturbed or threatened. While they’re mostly found outdoors, they can find their way into your Oregon home and strip insulation from electrical or telephone wires, which can cause short circuits.

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Acrobat ants are primarily an outdoor concern but many Oregon residents have recently reported their presence inside their homes. Compared to other more common ant species, acrobat ants are nothing more than an occasional nuisance. In large numbers, however, they can pose a risk to structures as their presence indicates wood decay whether indoors or outdoors. Acrobat ants can also chew on insulation and bite when the colony is disturbed.


Their heart-shaped abdomens are the most distinguishing physical feature of acrobat ants. This is most notable when you view them from the top. Acrobat ants measure around 2.5 to 4 mm long and range in color from light brown to almost black. When disturbed or threatened, these ants will raise their abdomens over the head and thorax in an attempt to ward off intruders.

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An acrobat ant colony typically consists of just a single queen plus a large number of soldier and worker ants. They prefer to live in trees when nesting outdoors and typically take ownership of a single tree. However, acrobat ants can spread to nearby trees as the colony gets bigger. Acrobat ants are known to live harmoniously with aphids, often watching over them as they subsist on the honeydew produced by these insects. Acrobat ants also feed on dead insects or any sugary substances or protein found in rotting or damp wood.


The presence of actual ant trails along utility lines, pipes or wires coming into the walls of your home is the most obvious indication of an acrobat ant infestation. Typically, these species of ants will forage up to a hundred feet away from their nest for a food source so you will also see them along the foundation of your home as well.

Other signs that indicate the presence of acrobat ants include dirt or wood scraps that these ants may leave as they excavate their nests. Crumbled pieces of foam insulation are another telltale sign of acrobat ants nesting beneath if your home has sidings.

Also make sure to regularly check for moisture damage around the structures of your home as moist wood will attract acrobat ants as well as other types of ants such as moisture ants, carpenter ants and wood-nesting pests like termites. Be wary of peeling paint, decaying wood around window frames, door jambs and soffits, as well as mould and fungal growth as all these can be signs of ant or termite infestation in your home.


The best way to prevent acrobat ants from infesting your property is to deny them entry and habitation. Cracks, gaps and crevices in your foundation should be thoroughly sealed so ants cannot penetrate. Pay close attention to utility lines and pipes as well and make sure you seal their entry points with silicon-based caulk.


Damp or decaying wood and foam structures must also be removed from your surroundings. Outdoors, make sure to eliminate all rotting and dead tree stumps, as well as any other decaying wooden structures like trellises and fences so acrobat ants do not nest in them.

Eliminate sources of standing water and divert water away from your home’s foundation with properly functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks. Furthermore, keep tree branches and shrubbery trimmed away from the house to prevent acrobat ants from gaining entry into the home. Lastly, be sure to store firewood five inches off the ground and at least 20 feet away from the house.

Consider using a dehumidifier indoors to prevent moisture buildup. Also, keep all food items—including pet food—stored properly in sealed plastic or glass containers. It is also advisable to partner with a trusted pest control professional to develop an acrobat ant extermination and prevention plan to keep your home ant-free the whole year round.


Controlling and eradicating acrobat ants can be a challenge as most DIY ant treatments and products sold in supermarkets and home depots are not 100% effective. Worse, these sprays and pesticides may contain chemicals that are harmful to people, pets, and plants but they don’t really succeed in eliminating entire ant populations in your home.

In order to eliminate and prevent acrobat ants for the long term, you will first need to locate where their nests are. In most cases, only a professional ant pest control specialist like ANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROL in Beaverton, Oregon will have full knowledge and training on ant biology and the behavior of acrobat ants, including how they breed and where they build their nests and colonies.

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ANT & GARDEN ORGANIC PEST CONTROL offers the lowest rates on safe and effective acrobat ant removal and prevention. Our 60-Day No-Pest Guarantee ant treatment starts with inspecting your property and locating nesting areas inside and outside your home. Depending on the level of infestation, we will then treat your home with our organic ant pest control solutions consisting of bait stations and our proprietary organic pesticide spray. We also offer follow-up services and will typically recommend quarterly inspections to totally get rid of ants on your property.

Call ANT & GARDEN ORGANIC PEST CONTROL at the first sign of acrobat ants in your home. We can help resolve any ant problem so your home stays ant-free all year round!