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Moisture Ants

Ants wandering freely and concentrating in damp areas signify the presence of moisture ants in your Beaverton home. Moisture ants are among the most common species found in bathrooms, basements or any other section of your home with water-damaged floorboards and panels.

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Moisture ants earned their name because of their preference for damp and humid living environments. Moisture ants in bathroom are a common sight in Oregon and Washington homes because of our relatively temperate climate and the abundance of moisture which they thrive in best.

Oftentimes, homeowners only become aware of a moisture ant infestation during a renovation when they discover these pests hiding in damp areas behind walls or beneath floorings. Out of doors, these ants flourish where the soil is rich or where there’s damp and rotting wood.


Moisture ants are often confused with carpenter ants and, in some cases, sugar ants. They’re often mistaken for carpenter ants because both species tend to build homes in dead or rotten wood. However, moisture ants take on a more yellowish color compared to carpenter ants which are basically brown and black. Sugar ants, on the other hand, are typically smaller and don’t need lots of water to survive. Sugar ants also tend to colonize where there are nearby food sources so you’re likely to find them in your kitchen and pantry instead of damp areas of the home. Identifying moisture ants correctly is extremely crucial because treatment and pest control measures for carpenter ants and sugar ants are entirely different.


It can be more daunting to eradicate moisture ants compared to other ant species because what clearly attracts them into your home is readily available—water. That is why moisture ants in bathroom is a very common problem. To effectively eradicate a moisture ant infestation and prevent any recurrence, you will have to remove the water source that invited them into your home to begin with.

Because of their explorative nature and minute size, it can be quite difficult to simply attempt to seal off your home so moisture ants can’t gain entry. Your better option would be to remove whatever it is that attracts them into your home. However, it’s often easier said than done. Take for example a home that has suffered from flooding where the moisture source is somewhere deep in the foundation beneath the flooring. Water-logged or rotten material will need to be located, removed and replaced.

It is also important to look into other possible sources of water that can encourage the proliferation of moisture ants. Examples of these include leaky roofs or ceilings, moisture buildup due to faulty HVAC ventilation, drainage problems in crawl spaces and foundations, damp basements (especially those with plain dirt floors) and plumbing leaks.

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Sources of moisture in the outdoor environment must not be missed out as well, especially those that are situated close to your home. There could be moist yard waste piling up against an exterior wall so you need to move this away to a farther location. The same goes for mulch or flowerbeds located close to your outer walls—it’s best to relocate them or create some sort of concrete barrier at the very least. Also, be sure to check for voids where pipes pass through perimeter walls. You need to seal these off as moisture ants can use them as entry points to your home.

Addressing a moisture ant infestation can take up a lot of your time. Sometimes, it can also cause a dent in your budget especially if you don’t plan out your pest control and treatment approach. 

That’s why it is best to consult with a pest control company that has a proven track record in ant identification to verify if you indeed have a moisture ant infestation and not an issue with other types of ants.



ANT & GARDEN ORGANIC PEST CONTROL in Beaverton, Oregon can help you get rid of moisture ants permanently. We get to the bottom of things and tell you the main reason why these ants have invaded your home. Then, we come up with an effective long-term plan that includes eliminating existing ants in your home and preventing them from building any colonies in the future. That way, your home in Oregon stays ant-free all year long!