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Pavement Ants

Pavement ants—the name alone suggests where they can be found in your Beaverton home. Outdoors, pavement ants thrive in cracks and crevices along footpaths, sidewalks,  patio blocks, bricks, logs, and cement slabs. Pavement ants in the house forage for food and nest in insulation, under floors, and behind walls.

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pavement ants

Pavement ants are among the most frustrating ant species to control so the best way to prevent an infestation is to make your home unattractive to these pests. This means keeping your home as clean and moisture-free as possible since ants will be in constant search of food and water. Nests and colonies of pavement ants can be very difficult to locate, so if you’re noticing these ants in your home or backyard, it is best to contact an organic ant exterminator to help get rid of ants from your home.


Populations of pavement ants in the Pacific Northwest are on the rise so you need to first identify them correctly in order to arrive at the best ant pest control method to eradicate them. Pavement ants are usually dark brown to black in color and measure around 2.5-3mm in length. They have oval-shaped, segmented bodies and stingers, although they’re rarely aggressive towards humans. A pavement ant colony typically consists of a single queen and thousands of worker ants.

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Just like other ant species, pavement ants are attracted to a wide range of food sources. In the natural environment, these ants have a specific preference for honeydew and aphids but will also feed on plants, dead insects, and whatever else they will find outdoors. Inside homes, these ants generally thrive on anything edible and will feast on bread, meats, sweets, greasy and starchy foods, among others.


While pavement ants can be found throughout the United States, they are considered major pests in Oregon and the surrounding areas. The mild winters of the Pacific Northwest region make for an ideal home and breeding ground for this ant species, which explains why ant pest control companies often come across nests and colonies of pavement ants when doing home pest control services.

Pavement ants are a tramp ant species, meaning they are transient by nature and will be constantly moving from different locations. They usually thrive in the outdoors in warm weather but will gravitate towards heat sources inside homes and structures during the colder months of the year. For this reason, ant pest control should be a year-round activity for Oregon homes to eliminate and control the proliferation of pavements ants and other ant species.



Controlling and eradicating pavement ants can be a challenge as most DIY ant treatments and products sold in supermarkets and home depots are not 100% effective. Worse, these sprays and pesticides may contain chemicals that are harmful to people, pets, and plants but they don’t really succeed in eliminating entire ant populations in your home.

In order to eliminate and prevent pavement ants for the long term, first you will have to locate where their nests are. In most cases, only a professional ant pest control specialist like ANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROL in Beaverton, Oregon will have full knowledge and training on ant biology and the behavior of specific ant species, including how they breed and where they build their nests and colonies.


It can be difficult to prevent or get rid of pavement ants on your own, but along with having year-round ant pest control services, here are some things you can do at home:

Don’t leave food out in the open on counters and shelves.

Instead, store them in air-tight containers or in the fridge.

Take out the trash at the end of each day

and make sure to keep them in outdoor garbage bins with tight-fitting lids until they are collected.

Trim trees and bushes

as ants use the branches touching your structure to gain entry to your home.

Keep your yard free of garden debris.

Ants love to converge and build their homes beneath piles of dead leaves and branches.

Inspect your home foundation and seal off any cracks and crevices you can find.

Do the same around windows, doors, and even roofing.


You can also check out these natural ant remedies every organic ant exterminator will swear by because they work wonders!

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