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Sugar Ants

Also known as odorous house ants, sugar ants are generally harmless but can be a nuisance once they locate a food source in your home. They can gnaw through boxes and thin plastic packages to feed and contaminate contents.

sugar ants

You’re wiping off the breakfast counter but somehow missed a splash of pancake syrup somewhere in the corner. In just a matter of time you see hundreds of small black ants marching from your kitchen door to the countertop. Most likely these are sugar ants, a common species of ants found in Oregon. Also known as odorous house ants, sugar ants are notorious scavengers and can be quite a menace when they pop up in your home.

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Most sugar ants come from outside your home so you could be wondering how they found their way inside. The answer is actually quite simple but it takes an ant expert like Ryan at ANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROL in Beaverton, Oregon to tell you why you’re seeing more of these black ants in your kitchen or pantry. You see, ants have four to five times more odor receptors than other insects. These receptors enable them to smell food and follow scent trails via cracks, crevices, vents, and other openings in your home. Only a single ant needs to find an entry point and once it does, it leaves a pheromone trail—a basic scent trail—for other ants to follow.

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In some cases, there may be existing sugar ant nests inside your house. These nests are typically found in undisturbed spaces such as inside walls, storage areas, basements or any secluded section of your home. Ants coming from nests inside your house need to be traced directly back to their source so they can be eradicated completely.


While sugar ants are generally not harmful, they can become a nuisance once they locate a reliable food source inside your home. They can gnaw through paper or cardboard materials and even thin plastic containers to feed and contaminate their contents. Sugar ants rarely sting but may use their mouthparts to defend themselves when disturbed. Their bites don’t cause pain or disturbing symptoms unless a person is extremely sensitive or highly allergic.

Sugar ants can become a problem simply because ants multiply quite rapidly. If they build their nests inside or even around your home, pretty soon you’ll see them in your sugar bowls, candy jars, jam bottles, or even your cupboard or pantry. They’re also quite attracted to trash cans, especially if you throw food scraps or empty food packages in them.


If sugar ants have recently appeared in your home, you need to take urgent measures to get rid of them.

Quick action is crucial because the larger the population becomes the longer it will take to control the infestation.

You should be on the lookout for these ants particularly in late winter and early spring (specifically after it rains), because it is during these times that sugar ants most commonly appear.

Pest control must be safe primarily for the owners.

If you have children or pets, it can be dangerous to use chemical-based insecticides. There are organic pest control alternatives that can do an equally great or even a better job at eliminating and controlling sugar ants.

Many commercially available insecticides can cause allergies.

If someone in the house is susceptible to allergies, this can result in health issues.

Standard pest control services often take on a cookie-cutter approach.

Not much attention is given to individual differences in unique cases of pest infestation.

Most pest control programs use non-selective insecticides that get rid of every living organism they come in contact with.

Organic pest control treatments, on the other hand, make use of environmentally-friendly solutions that target just the bad guys and preserve the beneficial ones.

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The workers in sugar ant colonies are often seen at dusk moving along marked trails in search of food, only returning to their nests at dawn. Due to their nocturnal behavior, it can be difficult to locate sugar ant nests in your home or backyard. That is why you need the expertise of a dependable pest control specialist like ANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROL in Beaverton, Oregon.