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While maintaining a sanitary grow space is key to keeping broad mites away from your cannabis plants, there’s always a chance you’ll run into an infestation during your grow cycles. Organic pest control methods against broad mites are your best options, considering that pest control and eradication procedures on cannabis are usually governed by safe standards and practices.

An organic pest control approach usually targets the disruption of the breeding and life cycle of broad mites. The most important thing to keep in mind is that organic pest control for cannabis differs across the various stages of cannabis plant life cycle. That means pest control during vegetative growth is entirely different from pest control during the flowering stage.

Organic Spray Treatment for Broad mites in Cannabis

organic spray treatment for broad mites

If you run into a broad mite infestation during the vegetative growth stage of cannabis, I personally recommend using an organic treatment spray every 4 days to get the best results. My top pick is AzaMax—I use it all the time to control and eradicate broad mites on cannabis during their growth stage. Work with a mix of 1 ounce Azamax per gallon of water and use this minimum ratio all throughout treatment.

After 4 spray treatments with Azamax (every 16 days), I also add on an organic pesticide spray like Pyrethrum. I love pyrethrum because it mixes well with oils but mites are quick to build up a resistance so use no more than once every 4 sprays. Others you may use include Ecovia, Trifecta Crop Control, IC3 and Organocide (all at a .5 ounce per gallon of water ratio). Trifecta seems to be everyone’s favorite but I’ve had just as good results with Organocide at 5% the cost per application.

botanigard maxx

All these minimum risk pesticides are so effective primarily because they are oil-based. Oil kills all life stages of cannabis bugs and in my experience the bugs don’t adapt so there seems to be no resistance. Even so, I highly suggest you rotate-use these pesticide sprays to prevent resistance buildup.

I also advise against the use of bioinsecticides because some of them like Grandevo, PFR-97 and Met-52 just don’t work. BotaniGard MAXX is one of the very few that’s great for mites so if you opt to use this, just make sure it’s fresh because it has a very short half-life. Also use BotaniGard at low rate after pest population are low.

Important Tips on Spraying


Successful broad mite eradication in cannabis takes more than just having the proper spray treatments. They also need to be administered the right way. One very crucial thing to remember is NEVER SPRAY WITH THE LIGHTS ON. Liquid spray on the plant surface acts like a lens that amplifies heat from your light source and burn the leaves. 

Cannabis growers should also be aware that mix rates for organic treatment sprays vary depending on the spray method you use. I don’t recommend traditional sprayers—if you’re growing cannabis, you should invest in an atomizer to begin with. At the very least, get a 2 to 3-gallon 1200-watt atomizer to do an efficient job for you. Opt for the backpack model for easier handling. Also remember to always use personal protective equipment (PPE) when doing organic treatment spraying. A complete PPE getup should include a Tyvek suit with gloves, full-face mask with replaceable filter cartridges, and total ear protection.

You can continue with organic treatment spraying until a little after cannabis plants begin to flower. No spraying should be done after the 3rd week of flowering. Instead, switch to heat treatment to kill any remaining broad mites in your grow. Heat treat your grow room at 120°F for 40 minutes once a week using propane heaters. Heat treatment kills all life stages of mites and your grown cannabis plants are already able to withstand these high temperatures.

Predatory Bugs for Broad Mite eradication

The introduction of beneficial insects to eradicate and control broad mites has also gained much popularity lately. In fact, the use of predatory bugs has become the first line of defense for many cannabis growers and hobbyists, especially those with outdoor grows. Predator mites such as Amblyseius swirskii and Amblyseius californicus, for instance, have become quite valuable in cannabis cultivation as they gobble up both eggs and all life stages of broad mites, spider mites, and russet mites.


One thing to take into consideration, however, is the drastically low survival rate of predatory bugs when they get to your grow. I’ve ordered from very reliable suppliers who claim to have inspected predatory bug shipments only to end up with less than .01% of the predator bugs alive an hour after I release them in cannabis grows. Often, predatory bugs come dead on arrival when shipped from other locations. A great alternative would be to bring in predator bugs into your cannabis grow space for FREE by inter-planting trap plants that pests and predator bugs would rather infest.

adult predatory mite killing two-spotted spider mite
pest identification

Continuous monitoring is also very important in organic pest control against broad mites in cannabis. You need to inspect your cannabis plants constantly during treatment making use of the state-of-the-art Dino-Lite digital microscope. Nothing else does a better job than this handheld high-powered microscope that connects to any computer or tablet and lets you see if your treatments are working effectively to eradicate broad mites and prevent a future infestation.

Still, everything is dependent on the population of these specific cannabis bugs on marijuana plants and the effects of organic pest control methods on various plant life stages.

Ant & Garden Pest Control procures all the best organic pest control treatments in bulk which translates to huge savings for our clients. We are also equipped with all the tools and gadgets such as cold-fogging atomizers, state-of-the art Dino-Lite digital microscopes, and the required personal protective equipment (PPEs). You’ll be paying less for our professional pest control services as it will be more expensive for you to be buying these same products, tools and gadgets yourself.

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That is why it is always best to consult with an organic pest control expert like Ryan at Ant & Garden Pest Control in Beaverton, Oregon to successfully eradicate or prevent a broad mite infestation in your cannabis operations. Not only will I eradicate broad mites and other cannabis pests; as an added bonus, I will also train your team on how to yield 200% more buds of higher quality per harvest!

These are just some of the commercial grows from where I’ve eradicated all types of cannabis bugs through the years.

Give Ryan a call today to book a free consultation or to schedule an onsite assessment and put an end to your endless worries about broad mites and other cannabis pests!

Broad Mites IN Cannabis

Broad Mites

Broad mites on cannabis plants are so tiny they are practically impossible to spot without magnification. Under a microscope, you’ll notice that young broad mites have six legs while adult mites have eight. Coloration can vary, but often they look like a pale yellow or clear dewdrop with tiny legs.

One of the biggest reasons broad mites can be so difficult to diagnose is you rarely see any signs of these cannabis bugs, and you don’t see bites on the leaves, unless you take a really close look. The main way to spot an infestation is the damage they leave behind because usually broad mites themselves are too small to see.

Broad mites don’t attack all parts of cannabis plants evenly so symptoms may be worse in certain spots where the infestation is concentrated.

The main way to spot an infestation is the damage they leave behind because usually broad mites themselves are too small to see. With a broad mite infestation, leaves turn up at the edges and may be blistered and wet-looking. New growth is usually twisted or drooping and if your cannabis plants are in the flowering stage, buds may turn brown and die.

broad mites damage on cannabis

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Ryan Smith of ANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROL in Beaverton is the most trusted and reliable pest control guy in Oregon, and for good reason! I care about helping my clients as though they’re members of my own family. Whether you’re in need of urgent treatment for an existing ant pest problem or are looking for the best prevention methods for your home or business, I am committed to bringing you only the best ant and pest control Beaverton for your complete peace of mind.

Emma Baker
Emma BakerGreat company! I was about to kill all my plants and shut down because of frustration with two-spotted spider mites and broad mites. So happy Ryan verified this through a Dino lite microscope at 220 x magnification. Extremely satisfied in his service, my mites died, no eggs spared.
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Paul Evans
Paul EvansAnt & Garden Pest Control deserves 10 stars saved me from bankruptcy. I had root aphids in my indoor garden there’s nobody that knows how to kill them and has posted it on the internet. Ryan has dealt with them before and knew exactly which olcc approved products to buy and how to prevent reinfestation. I just harvested my first pest free crop in years! I am now going with his maintenance sprays 1 time a week Ryan has all the best lab grade equipment and knowledge. Easier to let him focus on my pests my time can be spent growing bumper crops of exceptional quality. This harvest I yielded 50% more than normal and sold everything I grew for 30% more than last time. Not only are my pests gone but Ryan’s service made me money.
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Michael Wright
Michael WrightThe commercial-grade soil baggage compost I used for my plants has root aphids. I had to reach out to Ryan of Ant & Garden Pest Control for assistance. The last three months have been quite pleasing as the destructive aphids were gone. Ryan was reliable, providing a constant level of quality with strong results. You can’t beat the peace of mind he offers. I had my first harvest smoothly with his maintenance spraying. We yielded over 2 grams a watt, nearly double our personal best.
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