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Rodent Pest Control


Rats and mice are common pests in the United States. Although these rodents become a more annoying problem during the winter season, they can still damage property when not controlled. Rodents can also pose potential dangerous or contagious diseases especially among children, making it paramount for homeowners to remove rats and mice and implement rodent control services.

Many kinds of rodents can infest your home or property, the most common of which are rats and mice. Without a sustained rodent pest control plan in place, rats and mice can contaminate food, spread disease, destroy things around the house or even damage electrical wiring or insulation. Rodents invade places in search of food, shelter, and water. If your home is providing all three—the answer of which is a big YES in most cases— then these rodents will always find a way into your place despite all efforts in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Getting rid of rats and mice is no easy task without a rodent control plan. They move around quite swiftly and hide in dark nooks and corners which are usually out of your reach. While you may occasionally find success in catching one or two, trapping these rodents can be quite tricky. Yes, there are commercial rat poisons and pellets readily available but most, if not all, are harmful and toxic to humans and other animals as well. So they can be a bit more daunting to use especially if you have kids or pets in your home. Surely you’d be happier if there was a better alternative such as organic rodent pest control which can be safer for your health and the environment.

Can You Really Get Rid Of Rats And Mice Using Organic Rodent Pest Control?

The answer is YES and if you’re looking for the best and most natural way to get rid of rats and mice, you need to first find out how they are getting inside your home. However, organic rodent pest control methods are easier said than done because they require a thorough inspection of your entire house from ground to roof. That means checking rooflines, eaves, bases, sidings, windows, vents, and even electrical or plumbing conduits for little gaps and holes that these rodents are using to gain entry to your home. You’ll be amazed at how rats and mice can squeeze through half-inch gaps or holes the size of just a nickel! Then, you’ll need to cover all these small entry points using a rat-proof sealant with stainless steel wire content, which prevents mice and rats from wanting to chew through. Sealing up your home is by far the best form of natural rodent prevention that exists but the process can cause quite a huge dent in your budget.

rodent pest control

If you’re looking for safe and pet-friendly rat exterminator services that won’t break the bank, your next best bet would be organic rodent pest control. This includes organic baiting and the successful removal of rats and mice from your property whether they’re dead or alive. For most homeowners, poisons, traps, and glue strips are hard to deal with and can be dangerous to children and pets. Moreover, the entire house could smell unpleasant if mice and rats die in the home. That is why it is important to implement an effective rodent pest control plan using organic baits and environment-friendly repellents for the successful eradication and prevention of rats and mice and prevent them from returning to your property.


Rats are scavengers and will be attracted to anything that offers nutritional value. They can survive on garbage can leftovers and even food morsels found in the feces of other animals. This means you could use pretty much any food type as organic bait in a trap for organic rodent pest control. Of course, your success in trapping these pests will also depend on whether or not you put traps in the right places.

Good organic bait types are ones that will last a long time and do not need constant replacing or replenishing. They must also be pest-specific, meaning they will only attract rats and mice and not the other animals. For instance, a mixture of cocoa powder and plaster of Paris sprinkled on areas infested by rats will dehydrate them when they eat this up, causing them to leave their hideouts in search of water and eventually die.

Did you also know that instant potato powder that you can buy in your neighborhood supermarket can help eradicate rats and mice? There’s something about instant potato powder that inflames their intestines and eventually kills them. And while the thought of this next one may seem nauseating, cow dung does the same thing by inflaming their stomachs when rats and mice come across them. You can spread some cow dung cakes around your backyard and garden to effectively eliminate these rodents without harming the environment.

Then there’s my long list of organic rodent pest control repellents you can use to keep rats and mice at bay. Peppermint oil tops the list, along with citronella and castor oil, onions, garlic, pepper flakes, and even owl feathers! The secret lies in knowing what to use, where to place them, and how to monitor baits and repellents to successfully eradicate rats and mice and prevent them from returning to your home or property.



The best and safest pest management technique is often dependent on the type of pests in your home or property. Getting rid of these rats and mice is just the first step. Without an effective organic rodent pest control and management program, chances are your rat and mice problem will return after some time.

If you are looking for a pest control company to develop a safe and effective organic rodent pest control plan to prevent rat and mice infestations, call Ryan, the organic pest control expert at ANT & GARDEN ORGANIC PEST CONTROL in Beaverton Oregon today. We have the best organic rodent pest control program that’s safe for your home and your family!