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3 Natural Flea Control to Protect Your Dog from Summer Pests

May 31, 2022

Summertime provides the ideal environment for bugs and parasites. Due to their insignificant presence beneath the fur and on the skin of your dog, you must carefully monitor and get rid of those parasites. There is a lot of knowledge out there about natural flea control, which makes it difficult to choose the best way to protect your dog from these unwanted creatures.

Organic pest control is your best option for keeping fleas at bay this summer.

We are here to make it a little bit easier for you by providing three natural and best ways to protect your dog from pests this summer. Some of these ways may take a little longer than chemical alternatives, but it is well worth limiting your pet’s chemical exposure and spending less. Without further ado, let’s check those natural ways below:

1. For Garden Pests

It doesn’t imply they’re not there because you can’t see them. If your dog has fleas, there’s a strong possibility they are hiding in the deepest, moistest regions of your yard as well.

Natural flea cures are the best choice when it comes to outside flea remedies, and here are some top recommendations for removing fleas in the garden.

Plants That Kill Fleas

Cultivating plants that naturally prevent fleas is a good approach to treating fleas naturally. Natural flea pesticides for your garden include mint, mums, Lavandula angustifolia, and pennyroyal, among many more.

Before visiting your local plant nursery, do some research to find out which plants would thrive in your climate.

Make Sure Your Grass is Not a Mess of Hair

Ticks thrive in long grass or lawn edges that are left to grow uncontrolled. Pets, as we all understand, are not known for staying on the path.

They prefer to roam and take detours onto grass, bushes, and undergrowth. Ensure your pet only visits certain areas for a short time. Maintain low grass growth around sidewalks.

Beneficial Microorganisms

Unless we are talking about a specific form of nematode called Steinerma Carpocapsea, no one enjoys the thought of worms running amok in their garden. Fleas are eaten by these small worms, which are perfectly safe for both dogs and gardens.

2. Use a Slicker Brush and Sachet

slicker brush

As there are so many fantastic grooming products and brushes to choose from, choosing the correct grooming gear for your dog breed can be challenging at first. The best slicker brush for dogs, on the other hand, by far is one of the most effective tools for preventing mats and knots.


If your dog does not appreciate being sprayed or having treatments applied straight to his coat, create this flea sachet instead. Fill a small bag with fresh lemon, dried lavender flowers, and cedar chips, which you can buy or make from breathable fabric-like texture.

Place the sack near your dog’s sleeping spot and tie the top. After roughly a month, the combination may lose its efficacy, at which point you may simply open the container and refill it with fresh ingredients.

Use of Lemon

Lemon is well-known for its ability to repel and destroy fleas while remaining fully safe for dogs and humans. Simply soak your dog’s ordinary brush in fresh lime juice and comb or brush their hair as usual. A cloth drenched in lemon juice will do the trick for a short-haired breed.

Use a Flea Comb

 A flea comb can be used to eliminate fleas from your dog or cat’s fur. Apply petroleum jelly to the comb to make the bugs stick to it as you comb through the fur.

Dip the flea comb into rubbing alcohol to kill the fleas. Using a bug comb regularly is not advised. Consult your veterinarian to determine how to use a bug comb on your pet.

3. Other Homemade Remedies to Repel Fleas

A chemical used in human insect repellents is extremely hazardous to dogs. As a result, it’s critical to never use them on your pets. Get your furry friend a homemade insect repellent to keep him safe from mosquito bites. Even more, it is all-natural.

natural flea control summer
Flea spray

The advantage of white vinegar is that it’s a natural way to cure fleas on dogs by adjusting a dog’s PH balance. Naturally, that is healthy for your dog but unhealthy for fleas.

Blend six cups of apple cider vinegar with 4 cups of water, season with a pinch of sea salt, and spray straight on your dog’s coat. Make sure it stays away from your dog’s eyes.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is considered among the most effective natural remedies due to its antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral qualities. This miraculous oil can be used in numerous ways to ensure your fur baby’s health and well-being.

You can use coconut oil for your pup’s flea treatment at home by applying the oil directly to your dog’s coat which will not only repel fleas but also make it shiny. You can also add the oil to your dog’s food, and it will help cure intestinal worms.

Essential oil

Essential oils are effective flea treatments for dogs. Natural flea repellents include essential oils, peppermint, and tea leaf extract. If your dog is not easily frightened by a spray bottle, combine a few drops of your preferred essential oil with 300ml-400ml water and spray it directly onto your dog’s coat.

Fleas are attracted to essential oils, which can help relieve the itching and irritation caused by the pest’s bite. Various essential oils have antiseptic characteristics and can be very useful in treating flea bites, as well as ulcers and skin irritation caused by scratching. Dogs’ noses are so sensitive, so we recommend letting your pet smell a little amount of oil first to see how they respond.

Dogs, like people, have certain fragrances that they like over others and others that they find practically unpleasant. In your effort to treat fleas naturally, take in mind your dog’s interests.

Natural Flea Control in the Summer

It is vital to keep your dogs happy and healthy, not just for them but also for you. Follow these suggestions to guarantee that you enjoy more time together.

Natural products are always more beneficial than chemical products because homemade remedies for organic flea control have no harmful ingredients.