Organic Pest Control for Cannabis: Proprietary Building Spray

Proprietary Building Spray
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If you’re growing and selling marijuana in Oregon, you need to stay within the boundaries of OLCC approved organic pest control methods to address common cannabis pests. Unfortunately, with OLCC pest control you’re not allowed to use anything systemic other than Azadirachtin which is only mildly systemic with residual effects. But what if there was a spray that was 100% safe, non-toxic and made exclusively with OLCC approved ingredients that could kill every pest bug and egg on your property and stop their spread? Well, let me tell you THERE IS! It’s my secret weapon and it comes with a No-Pest-Guarantee of one month for treated marijuana pests.

When I began to research OLCC’s regulations for organic pest control governing the cannabis industry, I quickly found that there was very little you could use apart from ineffective treatments like Azadirachtin. The other problem I ran into when developing a state-of-the-art OLCC organic cannabis pest control program was that nothing registered for use killed all life stages of marijuana bugs and their eggs with 100% effectiveness. To add to this problem, not one product was labeled as a building spray.

Cannabis pest control means Spraying beyond just your plants

The number one mistake growers make is directly treating their prized plants, but not spraying their buildings and processing areas. The cannabis bugs that are not on your plants can be found everywhere in your production facility – on plant containers, equipment, floors, walls, doors, vents, walkways and ceilings, to name just a few potential problem areas. When you spray your plants, you can kill all the bugs on marijuana plants, but unless you treat the entire facility, the bugs that hatch from eggs on floors and in tiny cracks and crevices will just infest your plants again in a few days. This invariably leads to another round of spraying that stresses your plants, propelling you into a nasty, never-ending cycle of spraying. This is actually the number one reason why growers fail to eliminate bugs on cannabis.

cannabis pest control spraying of grow facility

If your plants are infested with cannabis pests, only 50% of those pests are actively on your plants. Most cannabis bugs are so small they can travel by wind, and lay eggs everywhere from the floor to all access points, invading every room in your production facility. Unless you treat the entire facility, you’ll find yourself fighting a losing battle with the cannabis pests that are infesting your grow operation.

A big part of being Oregon’s leading organic pest control professional is that I understand pest biology, which is what allowed me to create the only OLCC approved organic pesticide spray. Highly effective, it can kill all stages of insect life, from eggs to adults and everything in between. There’s not even anything close to my proprietary product! It kills marijuana bugs instantly and liquefies their eggs on contact. Made with organic ingredients including lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, my proprietary product works so well it leaves no survivors and it smells great!

You can also drink it straight from the bottle for its positive health benefits. Apple cider vinegar has been used for a long time as a supplement for multiple ailments and my product is the only one on the market that is completely safe to drink, but lethal to marijuana bugs and their eggs. My proprietary spray for buildings is purely organic, so it’s healthy and safe for you and your grow operation. I’d be happy to take a sip!

Customized treatment and maintenance spraying

During the first treatment and in all subsequent maintenance sprays, I hit the entire facility with my spray, eliminating all the bugs not living on your plants. The spray continues to kill cannabis bugs for 30 days after I spray, so any pest that enters your grow site will die before reaching your garden. An ounce of prevention is far cheaper than eradication! With established cannabis pests, this spray is my secret weapon because not only am I using soft products on your plants to keep your grow space healthy; I’m also instantly killing every marijuana pest not on your plants so they cannot re-infest your garden or grow room. I use this spray before treating a cannabis pest infestation to kill everything not on your plants and then, when I treat your plants, any pest that tries to escape to safety will die immediately. Best of all, my organic spray has no re-entry interval so it can be used while workers are present at your grow site because all the ingredients in my spray are food-grade.

When I come to your grow operation for a consultation, my first step will be to perform a careful and thorough inspection of your entire facility. Whether the cannabis pests are confined to just one room or are infesting your entire production facility, I can instantly stop their spread by spraying the entire area with my OLCC approved proprietary spray, leaving no survivors. Have fun watching marijuana pests melt away under my x1000 digital microscope, synced to my iPad on WiFi, while we cheer on the total eradication of common cannabis pests that were causing you so much stress. And thanks to my amazing organic spray, new cannabis bugs are prevented from ever entering your grow space again.

Quarantine and sanitation spraying

Remember, proper plant quarantine and sanitation are paramount when it comes to keeping your crop healthy. If new infested plants are brought in or my sanitation guidelines are not followed, nothing can prevent another cannabis pest problem from arising. However, with proper quarantine and sanitation, this warehouse spray alone will guarantee you never have to spray your plants again for marijuana pest prevention, making for a far better final product. My maintenance sprays never touch your plants, keep your garden and workers safe, and leave you with happy, stress-free plants and huge financial savings.

sanitizing cannabis clones in organic pest control

I also have plant health sprays I make with my own active air compost teas. My proprietary blend of microbial tea is better than anything on the market! I would be happy to do a side by side with you so you can see the dramatic difference my AACT spray makes on your vegetative plant health. Treated plants grow 20% faster and are such a vibrant green, they practically glow.  

The Ant & Garden Pest Control difference

Give me a call and experience the Ant & Garden Pest Control difference for yourself! I personally treat your garden and buildings myself, so when you call Ryan, you’re getting Oregon’s leading cannabis pest professional every time! Rest assured that there is nobody more capable at dealing with your marijuana pest problem and treating your most important plants. I always have your best interests at heart and thanks to my proprietary system, you’ll have a healthy, bug-free production facility. Best of all, you’ll never have to spray again! I’m fully licensed, bonded and insured so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving me a call today for a FREE CONSULTATION

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