5 Ways to Naturally Get Rid Of House Ants

How to get rid of house ants seems to be a never-ending challenge for every household in Beaverton, Oregon. There are a lot of things that you have to consider when it comes to the safekeeping and maintenance of your home, especially when protecting it from nasty pests like house ants.

While there are a lot of commercial ant sprays and repellents out there that are easy to use to get rid of house ants, they can be harmful or even toxic to you, your family and your pets. Studies have shown that synthetic chemicals in ant repellents can result in respiratory issues and constant exposure to these toxins can even lead to life-threatening ailments in the long-term.

Some of your pantry items can help you
get rid of house ants!

Do not worry as there are several ways to naturally get rid of house ants without compromising your family’s health. You will be surprised to find out that some basic items inside your home can be ideal for ant pest control. Check the list below to find out more.

1. Get Rid of House Ants with Soap

Did you know that ants communicate through the scent of their pheromones? They use this to connect with one another and follow trails, especially when they’re out searching for food sources. Fortunately, you can easily remove this scent by using soapy water.

All you have to do is mix organic and natural soap with water and pour into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on areas where you can see the ants and even in the different entry points of your house.

2. Use Vinegar to Drive Ants Away

Another way to get rid of house ants is by removing the scent of ant pheromones in your house with white vinegar. As you probably know, vinegar has a strong smell that can be bothersome for pests. With vinegar, it will be easy on your part to destroy different ant paths or trails in your house.

To get started, mix vinegar with water at a 1:1 ratio. Use the solution to spray on your countertops, windows, and doorways. Aside from destroying the pheromones, this solution can also instantly kill ants.

3. Reuse your Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds have been proven useful for so many reasons. Surprisingly, one of its known uses has something to do with pest control. Completing this method can be time-consuming, but it is definitely worth the effort as it works 100% to get rid of house ants.

After brewing a cup of coffee, make sure not to throw the coffee grounds and save them for future use. Transfer the coffee grounds to disposable containers or sheets and place these in the areas of your house that attract ants. This method has been proven to be effective in repelling ants. Keep in mind that you need to replace the coffee grounds every now and then because they can dry out quickly and lose their potency.

4. Kill Ants with Boric Acid

If you want to take your organic ant pest control to the next level, then you should get ready to use boric acid. This is highly recommended if you want to target the worker ants and their queens.

The first step is to mix ½ teaspoon boric acid and 8 teaspoons sugar with 1 cup of warm water. Be sure to use hand gloves during preparation and keep everything out of reach of children or pets. Once the sugar and boric acid are completely dissolved, you can begin using the solution. You can put it in cotton balls and place them in the different areas of your house. You can also spray the solution directly on visible ants so they can take the toxic substances back to the nest and share them with other worker ants and their queen.

5. Repel Ants with Essential Oils

Another easy and fast way to get rid of house ants is through the use of essential oils such as tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, and cinnamon leaf oil.

These essential oils contain compounds and elements that can instantly repel ants. For example, the lemon eucalyptus oil is famous for being a bug repellent due to the presence of citronella in its composition. Tea tree oil, when mixed with water, can also be good for pest control. Since it has a strong smell, you can add drops of peppermint oil to the solution.

get rid of house ants

Why Call an Organic Ant Pest Control Expert

If there is one thing that you need to remember when it comes to natural ant pest control, it is the fact that every home is different. As such, it is crucial to examine and investigate the ant infestation in your home so that you can determine the correct approach or method to use.

Take note that not all of the above natural solutions to get rid of house ants mentioned above can be ideal in your case, so you need to hire experts to get rid of house ants completely. This is especially true if ants have built a nest somewhere in your home and the only way to totally be ant-free is to eliminate the entire colony.

Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control is a Beaverton-based professional organic pest control company with a proven reputation for home pest management. We specialize in ant extermination and take pride in using only organic pest control substances that are absolutely family-friendly and safe for kids and pets. Feel free to get in touch with us for all your pest control needs or if you specifically need professional help to get rid of house ants.

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