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In an effort to protect the planet and save Mother Earth, the last decade has seen a proliferation of terms such as environmentally safe, eco-friendly, natural, organic, green, sustainable, non-toxic, earth-friendly—the list can go on and on. 

Agriculture, food, energy, manufacturing and retail are just some of the major industries that have taken drastic measures to help protect the environment from irreparable devastation. The same is true for the pest control industry. For this reason, ANT & GARDEN ORGANIC PEST CONTROL in Beaverton, OR has taken the huge step to help conserve Mother Earth’s resources and prevent damaging contributions to air, water and land pollution by using only safe and eco-friendly Portland organic pest control methods.

Organic, Natural, Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Pest Control: What’s the Difference Really?

Organic. Natural. Non-Toxic. Eco-Friendly. In the truest sense, there are slight variations in these popular terms used for modern-day pest control methods but they all point to one thing—eliminating and controlling residential and agricultural pests without harming the environment. Gone are the days when pest control companies solely relied on chemical formulations to deal with pest problems without careful considering the long-term devastating effects they have on our surroundings. Let’s delve a little deeper into what these environment-sensitive pest control measures really mean.

portland organic pest control

Organic Pest Control

Products used in an organic pest control approach do not contain synthetic substances or chemicals. Instead, their ingredients are naturally occurring. These include essential oils, spices, cider, plant extracts, herbs, and even vegetable or fruit juice and rind. Just because ingredients are derived from nature doesn’t necessarily mean they are totally safe. They should be used in the right amounts or else these same ingredients can also be harmful and toxic. That is why you need a Portland organic pest control expert to implement an effective pest control program to address, control and prevent a pest infestation.

natural pest control

Natural Pest Control

Natural pest control generally involves the use of naturally derived methods to discourage the proliferation of common household and garden pests. Its main goal is to discourage, reduce and avoid pest infestations using natural barriers such as cultivating specific plant species that repel target pests and introducing beneficial insects like bees, lady bugs, predatory wasps, hoverflies, praying mantises, ground beetles, green lacewings, spiders, and soldier beetles to eradicate and control pest populations. Natural pest control is a fundamental part of integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

non toxic pest control

Non-Toxic Pest Control

In the strictest sense, non-toxic pest control involves the use of eradication and preventive methods that are generally safe for other living organisms found in the surrounding areas where pests abound. Therefore, purely mechanical means of killing or deterring pests are employed. These include the use of traps, bait stations or other forms of treatment that don’t actually kill pests but rather allow their physical removal from the infested area. Non-toxic pest control methods also work by making an area less attractive to pests so there is lesser tendency for them to reproduce or an infestation to develop or progress.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

The term eco-friendly pest control is self-explanatory and involves the use of pest control measures that are not just kind to the environment—they’re also formulated using sustainable ingredients. In a way eco-friendly pest control is related to non-toxic approaches to pest eradication since both of them have a lower impact on the environment compared to all other pest control options. That being said, eco-friendly pest control isn’t really a tightly defined methodical approach to the elimination, control and prevention of pests. Generally speaking, it is more of a concept rather than an actual classification of pest control treatments.

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ANT & GARDEN ORGANIC PEST CONTROL - Portland Metropolitan Area

At ANT & GARDEN ORGANIC PEST CONTROL, I use a healthy mix of organic, natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly methods to eradicate, control and prevent common home and garden pests. My Portland organic pest control program starts off with a thorough inspection to correctly identify pest species that have invaded your home. Then, I make a thorough assessment so I can come up with a customized pest control plan using carefully selected products from my vast arsenal consisting of a proprietary building spray, non-toxic bait stations, organic insecticides and biopesticides, among others.

Next, I will conduct quarterly follow-up visits to monitor your home and property and ensure your old pest issues remain resolved. I also offer FREE emergency same-day services between my quarterly visits for any pest-related concern you may have.

For best value pest protection and complete peace of mind, give Ryan a call today at 503-713-9590 and be on your way to a totally pest-free home all year round!

Our Reviews

Ryan Smith of ANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROL in Beaverton is the most trusted and reliable pest control guy in Oregon, and for good reason! I care about helping my clients as though they’re members of my own family. Whether you’re in need of urgent treatment for an existing ant pest problem or are looking for the best prevention methods for your home or business, I am committed to bringing you only the best ant and pest control Beaverton for your complete peace of mind.

Clark Bailey
Clark BaileyANT & GARDEN PEST CONTROL provided a truly professional pest control service. I use to have Edge pest control and No comparison. 5 stars for Ryan 2 stars for edge being generous with the 2 stars.
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Kachlik Evans
Kachlik EvansHe came and took care of our pesky ant problem very fast. We appreciate the service and highly recommend this company.
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Philip Young
Philip YoungThank you Ryan @ ANT & GARDEN ORGANIC PEST CONTROL! My house was swarming with creepy crawlers. I have not seen a bug in days. Professional pest control company.
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