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Ant Control in Beaverton

Jul 5, 2021

Ants are one of the most common and prolific pests seen during Beaverton summers. While not particularly dangerous, no one wants their yard or home overrun by thousands of these insects. Certain ant species can damage your home, and are a general nuisance to have around. Several common ant species are found here, and once they take root can be tough to eradicate. It takes professional ant control in Beaverton to make sure they go, and stay, away.

pavement ants

Pavement ants are a species native to Europe that were introduced to North America. These ants are the ones you often see in sidewalk cracks and bordering yards. They are very small, 1/8 to 1/16 inches long. Pavement ant colonies often have multiple queens and thousands of workers. They have massive appetites and will eat most household foods. Pavement ants can present quite a problem if they invade your home or patio.

get rid of carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are another commonly encountered species in Beaverton. Their name causes some misunderstanding, as they do not actually eat wood. They can, however, do a lot of damage to wood in your home as they tunnel through it. Carpenter ant infestations can be difficult to diagnose, because you may not see many running around your home. They do not need to eat the food inside your home and can easily survive on food sources outside. Mature colonies produce winged ants which you may find around window sills.

get rid of sugar ants

Odorous ants are a species native to the U.S. They have earned their name from the smell emitted when they are crushed—often described as “rotten coconut”. Not a fun pest to have inside your home. You might find these inside walls, underneath flooring, or around sinks or pipes.

Professional Ant Control in Beaverton

No matter the kind of ants you may find, Ant & Garden Organic Pest Control is your key to ant control in Beaverton. We will first inspect your property to determine the most common nesting areas for ants. We then offer treatment for your inside and outside areas with a two-step elimination process. First, a spray product is used which the ants will walk across and bring back to their colony. An organic bait that is toxic to ants but safe for your family and pets is then placed which will be brought to the colony and eliminate the ants.

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