Beaverton Ant Pest Control: What Type of Ants Do You Have?

beaverton ant pest control
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Ants are among the most common and prolific pests professional pest exterminators regularly deal with. Oregon hasn’t been spared from ants and is host to a number of ant species that can bite or sting people and pets and even cause structural damage to property.

Different ant species as well as different levels of ant infestations will require varying Beaverton ant pest control methods. For this reason, it is important to know what type of ants are infesting your home.

Types of Ants in Oregon

I’ve done Beaverton ant pest control (including the Portland Metro Area) for more than two decades now. Being a specialized organic ant exterminator, I’ve studied ants extensively and know them like the back of my hand. I know how they look, where they thrive, and what potential danger they pose to your family, your pets, and your home.

Below, I’ve put together a nice infographic which you can save to your phone or computer in case you’re thinking of doing some Beaverton ant pest control. You can use this as a quick reference on the different types of ants you may come across if you live in Beaverton and around the Portland Metro Area.

types of ants in Oregon

While most ant species found in Oregon do not pose serious threats and are generally a nuisance, their presence in large numbers may require your immediate attention. This is especially true in the case of carpenter ants and odorous house ants (sugar ants) which are the two most common ant species people in Oregon have problems with. These two ant types are also my favorite targets when I perform Beaverton ant pest control treatments.

Carpenter ants

From an environmental perspective, carpenter ants may be considered as one of the most valuable insects we have on the planet. Their ability to chew up tons and tons of wood and turn these into ‘frass” or fine sawdust that rots, help in providing compost material that encourages new environmental growth. But not when they do it inside your home or property. Carpenter ant damage on man-made structures can turn serious over the years, which is why this particular species is considered highly destructive when present in huge populations.

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Odorous house ants

Also referred to as sugar ants, grease ants, house ants or small black ants, odorous house ants (OHA) get their name from the smell they emit when crushed. Unlike carpenter ants, odorous house ants do not cause any structural damage but can be quite a nuisance when they find their way into your home. They have very large colonies with multiple queens and can contaminate food products and food preparation surfaces when they invade your kitchen. They’ll even find their way into your bathroom, bedroom or laundry area searching for moisture and food resources.

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Organic Beaverton ant pest control

Retail products you find in supermarket shelves may be successful in killing some of the ants you see around the home. However, effective ant eradication and prevention of a future ant infestation takes more than that. In fact, spraying with a chemical insecticide will only fragment an ant colony in a process called ‘budding’, which often results in a larger problem—more nests and more colonies to deal with in the future.

That is why it is always best to consult with an organic ant exterminator if you begin to notice increasing populations of ants in your home. Different species respond differently to different types of treatments. For this reason, a Beaverton ant pest control professional that specializes in organic ant treatment is your best option to safely and successfully put an end to your ant problem be it carpenter ants, sugar ants, moisture ants, or any other ant listed in our infographic above!

Feel free to give me a call at 503-713-9590 if you’re having an ant problem in your home. I’d be very happy to identify the particular ant species and help you come up with an effective organic ant pest control treatment so your home stays ant-free all year round!

beaverton ant pest control

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