Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Ants

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Ants are beneficial insects and are considered nature’s tiny janitors because they help clean the environment from organic waste and dead organisms. Moreover, they help make the decomposition process faster and a lot more efficient. If you want to get rid of ants, you might want to first think if they’re causing real problems or are simply performing what nature designed them to do.

However, once an ant colony invades your home, they become household pests instead. Unfortunately, they tend to be quite a nuisance at that. Aside from this, these little critters can be pretty dangerous because some can spread dangerous diseases from infected organisms to non-infected ones. They can also be quite annoying because they would ruin some of your food or bite you at times.

Getting rid of ants isn’t exactly as easy as it seems because there are many things for you to consider first.

Get Rid of Ants by Knowing Your Enemy

Before you start coming up with ways to get rid of the ants in your home, you will first have to know what type of ants you have. Different ant species tend to have a different approach to how they forage, nest and multiply. Therefore, all-for-one organic pest control methods might not work with the type of ant problem you have.

The most important thing you can get from knowing what type of ants are invading your home is the location of their colony. For example, for pavement ants, these little pests will usually start their colony near sidewalks or pavements and can sometimes invade the floorboard of your home.

Types of Oregon Ants

As mentioned before, there are hundreds of different ant species and how you deal with them will mostly depend on what type of ants have invaded your home. To get a better understanding of this, here are some examples of Oregon ants that are common home invaders:

Odorous House Ants/Sugar Ants

get rid of sugar ants

The odorous house ants, or sugar ants, are among the most common ants in the United States, especially in Oregon. According to statistics, this type of ant is considered the second most common ant dealt with by pest control professionals.

The colony of odorous house ants or sugar ants can usually be found in a warm and moist environment, so you can usually find them near toilets, pipes, drains, and any place that’s seeping with moisture. Odorous house ants got their name because they emit a particular odor when they are crushed. They say that the smell is like rotten coconut, which is probably why they are also called coconut ants.

Pavement Ants

pavement ants

As the name suggests, pavement ants can usually be found in some pavements like your sidewalk or sometimes under your floorboards. These ants are typically colored black and would eat almost anything available.

Pavements ants don’t usually bite, but they may sting you if they become desperate enough. The problem that lies with these ants is that they may contaminate some of your food if they get on it. That is why it is of utmost importance to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Crazy Ants

crazy ant

Crazy ants are not really “crazy”—they just got their name from the behavior of the worker ants. When looking for food, these worker ants run like crazy, hence the name. You can quickly identify these ants from their behavior or their colors, usually dark brown or black with a light shade of gray sheen.

The types of ants mentioned above are just some of the most common species found almost anywhere in the United States and particularly around Beaverton, Portland and surrounding cities in Oregon.

There are actually more varieties of Oregon ants, so if the ants that are invading your home are not from among the list here, you may have to do a little research on your own or call on an ant pest control expert to help you out.

Chemical vs. Organic Pest Control

Now that you know about the different types of ants, the next thing you might want to consider is how you want to eliminate their colonies. You have two options for this:

  1. Use chemicals that are toxic not just for the ants but also for you and your family; or
  2. Opt for safer and eco-friendly organic pest control treatments

Using chemical pesticides is quite dangerous because some toxins might get into your system or stick to your walls and floors, which might cause some problems later on. Undeniably, this is the most efficient way to terminate ant colonies. Still, it is considered pretty risky and not advisable, especially if you have kids or pets in your home.

On the other hand, organic pest control involves using natural or non-toxic elements to kill ants. Therefore, this process is not only safe for your health but also a lot more affordable than using chemical pesticides. In addition, some of the substances that you will need to use for organic pest control are actually just everyday household items.

Organic Pest Control Methods to Get Rid of Ants

Exterminating or getting rid of ants using organic pest control methods will undoubtedly be a little meticulous because you might need to do it regularly for the first few days. However, the hard work you will be doing by going through this method will all be worth it at the very end.

With that said, here are some of the natural remedies in dealing with ant invasions:

Citrus or Cucumber Peels

To use this method, all you have to do with the citrus or cucumber peel is leave them where the ants are mostly doing the scavenging. After this, they will leave almost immediately.

Why this will work:

Citrus or cucumber peels work because these are known to be very toxic to the type of fungi that ants usually feed upon.

Coffee Grounds
get rid of ants with coffee grounds

You may be a massive fan of coffee, but most ants aren’t. Because of this, it’s an effective pest control method. To use this type of treatment, all you have to do is scatter the coffee grounds in your backyard or even around your home to repel the ants.

Why this will work:

Ants dislike the kind of smell that coffee grounds emit, which is why coffee grounds will make a great organic pest control measure. Not only is this method suitable to get rid of ants, but it is also a great way to improve your soil’s nutrients. This is because coffee grounds are packed with minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Herbs or Spices

For this method, all you need to do is to scatter some herbs or spices around the vicinity where you have spotted the ants. Some of the spices and herbs considered as excellent ant repellants are garlic cloves, cayenne pepper, black pepper, chili pepper, mint, cinnamon, and bay leaves.

Why this will work:

Just like coffee grounds, ants also hate the scent that most herbs and spices give off. This organic pest control method is one of the most common hacks that people use when dealing with ant problems in their home.

This is because the herbs and spices are readily available, making them convenient for organic pest control. However, you should avoid using chili pepper if you have pets or kids at home, as they can be irritating to the skin when you come into contact with them.

Essential Oils

Some essential oils, such as eucalyptus, peppermint, cinnamon, citrus, and other strong-odor essential oils, are also known to be great for keeping ants at bay. For this, all you need to do is to drench a cotton ball with essential oils and then place them where ants are usually found. Doing so can be an excellent organic pest control method to get rid of ants.

Why this will work:

Since essential oils produce a powerful scent, ants will usually stay away from places where these are placed.


get rid of sugar ants

For this method, you have to combine borax with something that ants will go for, like sugar or syrup, since you need to let them feed on it. After this, you need to place your mixture near their colony for faster results.

Why this will work:

Borax is considered an effective toxin for insects because it will damage their digestive tracts and their exoskeleton.

Baby Powder or Chalk

Use a piece of chalk to draw a line where the ants are entering from like your doorways. Using baby powder will work just the same. However, this organic pest control method will require you to apply it regularly for it to work well.

Why this will work:

The reason this particular method works is still unclear. Some people suggest that the chalk or baby powder messes with the ant’s scent trails.  Meanwhile, others say it is because of the calcium carbonate present in both chalk and baby powder. Regardless of the reason, using chalk or baby powder makes for great organic pest control.


For this, all you need to do is mix one part vinegar with one part water and spray or wipe this along areas where ants are usually found.  While this will undoubtedly make your house smelly, it will disrupt the ant’s scent trail, so it makes for excellent organic pest control.

Why this will work:

As we all know, vinegar has a powerful odor, and this odor can confuse the ants. This is because ants usually follow a scent trail so that they can get back to their colony. Therefore, with their scent trail gone, there is no way for them to know where they will be going next.

Boiling Water

This will only work for ant colonies outside your house and only if you know where they are. After this, all you need to do is to pour some boiling water on the ant colony, and that’s it.

Why this will work:

The main reason this works is that the boiling water will kill most of the ants. This is because the water will flow through every tunnel the ants made and kill them instantly.

Diatomaceous Earth

For this, you need to sprinkle this substance around the perimeter of your house, and your problem should be solved in about a week or so. Just make sure to use food-grade diatomaceous earth since you will just be dealing with ants.

Why this will work:

Diatomaceous earth is actually very lethal to ants, but it is not an instant kill. So, if you want to get rid of all the ants, you will have to be patient with this substance because it will take some time to kill all the ants that came into contact with it.

Cream of Wheat

Cream of wheat may be an excellent breakfast for humans, but it’s considered a deadly substance for ants. For this method to work, you will need to place some cream of wheat in strategic places. These usually involve areas where ants gather or scavenge. Since this is a pretty safe and cheap option, you could say this is one of the best methods for organic pest control.

Why this will work:

Cream of wheat is pretty lethal to ants because once they feed on it, they will have a sort of allergic reaction that could lead to their bodies expanding until they explode.

These are just some of the most common organic pest control methods for ants—there are actually many more. Until now, people are still experimenting with different ways to get rid of ants through natural methods, so you may want to check back for any updates regarding organic pest control.

Advantages of Using Organic Pest Control Methods

Yes, it may seem like a hassle to use unconventional methods to get rid of ants, but there are some fantastic benefits to them. Here are some of the advantages of using natural or organic pest control methods to get rid of ants:


Unlike chemical pesticides or repellents, natural and organic pest control methods don’t have any toxins that can gravely affect our health or the health of our pets.


Some natural remedies for ant invasions are more budget-friendly because they are just everyday household items that you can easily find in your kitchen.


Some chemical repellents tend to lose their effectiveness over time. Because of this, they are ineffective for long-term pest control.

Environmentally Friendly

Organic pest control methods are not only safe for us humans but also the environment.

organic pest control expert

Other Option: Hiring Organic Pest Control Professionals

Nowadays, many professionals can handle almost anything, including getting rid of your ant problems the natural way. Back then, professional exterminators would only use chemical pesticides to address pest problems.

Still, with a vast amount of research, they have found a way to do it in an eco-friendly way. Therefore, it is better to hire organic pest control professionals to solve pest problems because you might make it worse if you are unsure about what you are doing.

Households in Portland, Beaverton, and other cities in Oregon can stand to benefit more from hiring professionals for their ant problems. It’s not uncommon for homes in the Pacific Northwest to experience major ant problems that most individuals can’t quickly solve. That is why they hire organic pest control professionals to do the work for them.

As you can see, ant pest control experts like Ryan at ANT & GARDEN ORGANIC PEST CONTROL in Beaverton won’t just leave you alone once they are done with their jobs—they will monitor your home with regular visits to ensure that your pest problem is entirely resolved.

Aside from this, they also use organic pest control methods, so you don’t have to worry much about toxins being left behind after the extermination


If ever you have pest issues at home and want to get rid of ants naturally, the best way is through organic pest control methods. They are safe for you, your family, your pets, and also the environment.

Moreover, the effects of organic pest control are also long-term, so there isn’t a need for you to use it every time. However, if you are too busy to deal with your ant problems, you can always hire professionals.

Since most professional exterminators now use organic pest control methods, you can be confident that your home will remain safe for you and your family. Check out ANT & GARDEN ORGANIC PEST CONTROL today and allow the experts to take care of the problem for you. 

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