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All-Natural & Organic Pest Exterminator

Oct 9, 2020


Organic pest exterminator solutions are your answer if you’ve ever been torn between keeping pests away — specifically ants— and providing a healthy environment for your home and family.

While most insecticides and pest control professionals might be able to do their job in killing and eradicating unwanted bugs, these traditional approaches are not totally safe for the environment and could be hazardous to your health.


What you need is an all-natural, organic pest exterminator!


All-natural, eco-friendly, and organic pest exterminators can give you the results you’re looking for. There are various ways that will enable you to exterminate these pests that have been living in your home all these times!

1. Do it yourself pest control

Check your pantry and storage and you’ll be surprised that most of the ingredients you need to formulate an all-natural pest exterminator are just sitting on your shelves! Here are some effective organic pest exterminators you can easily make that won’t break the bank:

Peppermint spray. Simply mix peppermint oil in water and spray on areas where pests and bugs thrive. The strong smell and mist of peppermint will surely push those pesky visitors away.

Neem oil spray. Similar to peppermint spray, mix neem oil with water and spray on your curtains and drapes, under tables, in your backyard, in dark corners and more.

Lavender spray. Besides helping you calm down and relax, lavender oil mixed with water can be sprayed around sections where ants and other pests thrive. Spray, watch and wait until you see no more bugs!

Ant traps. Make your own homemade ant trap by mixing borax with sugar (or powdered sugar) and water to form a crumbly texture. Place the mixture on wax paper or in a small bowl and wait for a couple of hours. Ants will be attracted to your trap and will eventually die right before you come back for them.

What you need is an all-natural exterminator!

Fly / Insect trap. You’ll need a jar or bottle, a piece of paper, a fruit or its peel (banana peel, banana, apples, etc.), and apple cider vinegar (ACV). Pour ACV into the jar or bottle, then put the fruit or fruit peel in as well. Next, form the paper into a cone and tape it over the mouth of the jar in an upright position. Make sure there are no gaps along the mouth of the jar for the trapped flies to escape. So there you go, an all-natural, eco-friendly, and organic pest exterminator straight out of your kitchen!

2. Purchase your own all-natural and organic exterminator.

2. Purchase your own all-natural and organic pest exterminator.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always buy one online or in stores. Natural exterminators come in various forms—spray, oil, mist, and more. The organic ones are much safer and equally do the job well like other insecticides. Also, there are different kinds and brands of ant traps readily available in your neighborhood supermarket or home depot.

3. Hire a professional organic pest exterminator.

If you can’t really make pests go away on your own, then it’s time to get some professional help. Try asking the experts on how to eradicate these pests. If you want an organic pest exterminator, you can clearly specify this and they will give you the right advice and solutions. 

There are a few organic pest exterminator companies that use only safe and natural pesticides and insecticides. The Organic Ant Exterminator & Pest Control Guy in Beaverton Oregon is one of those using only OLCC approved organic pest control products and treatment methods for all types of ants and pests. Ryan, the master technician, even offers over-the-phone consultations, which is easier and more convenient for most Oregon homeowners. 

3. Hire an organic pest control expert.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t really cost much to “go green” with organic pest exterminator treatments. Spread out the price you pay for a pest-free home all year round and you’ll be surprised that it will just cost you pennies a day! 

Don’t delay! Call Ryan, The Organic Ant Exterminator & Pest Control Guy today.